I don't know the post code for the delivery

Don't worry you can just put the Nelson city postcode  7010;       we do not need the postcode but our IT man tells us it can't be taken out of the checkout form.

What time will the flowers be delivered?

Most of the deliveries are made in the early afternoon as we need to complete making all of the orders for the day before we set out on our delivery run.

Why am I unable to select the size of the product I want to purchase?

You first need to select the colour theme for the product you want before you are able to choose the size

What size are the bouquets and boxes of flowers?

Small box or bouquet of flowers is approx 25cm diameter

Medium box or bouquet of flowers is approx 30  to 35 cm diameter

Large box or bouquet of flowers is approx 40 to 45 cm diameter

From May to September inclusive the wholesale flower prices increase; as there are less flowers around and the growers are having to heat their green houses.  We generally don't increase our product prices over the winter period, but the size of the bouquets and arrangements will be smaller at this time of the year.

In products where it states the number of flowers  ( eg 12 roses)  that is still what you will get  12 roses etc.

How can I order another product like chocolates or a toy etc with the flowers I have ordered?

Once you have added a product eg. flowers to the cart you will have the options to "View the Cart and Checkout" or "Continue Shopping".  If you want to add another product click the button 'Continue Shopping' this will save the product already added to the cart and take you back to where you can access the shopping menu to shop for another product.

Is the photo on the web site a small, medium, or large size?

In most cases the photo on the web site is of a medium size;  Generally small size has less flowers and large size has more flowers than in the photo.

When will the photo of my order be emailed to me?

Your photo will be emailed to you in the evening, as we down load all the days photos at the end of the day.

At Mothers Day  weekend your photo may not be sent until the end of the weekend as we don't have time on Friday or Saturday to send photos.

Will I recieve a GST reciept with confirmation of the order?

Yes; our GST number and description of the product purchased is included with the confirmation of your order

Can I order flowers / gifts for two different people/addresses on one order?


If you are wanting to make two or more orders for different people / addresses you need to order them separately.

If it is easier you can always phone us to place the orders; our number is 03 545 2196

What colours are bright

Reds, Orange, yellow, purple, bright pink, blue

What colours are soft?

white, creams, mauve, pinks, light greens

Can I use AMEX card for payment?

Yes you can if you order online; but you must select the Paypal option when in check out you are asked how you would like to pay.  Then once in Paypal you choose to pay using your AMEX card

How do I water the flowers in a ceramic pot?

Daily check the level of water in the container by carefully lifting the foliage at one of the back corners of the pot. You should see the level of the water in the pot at the corner.   Bring the flower arrangement to the kitchen sink; and use a jug or plastic bottle to carefully top up the water as required.   Direct the water slowly toward the centre of the arrangement.   Take care not to overfill.

How do I water the flowers in a box arrangement?

Your flowers have been arranged in floral foam, which acts like a sponge providing water for the flowers. The foam is in a plastic bowl within the box.  Leave the flowers in the box, and check daily that there is water in the bowl by carefully feeling under the foliage    Bring the flower arrangement to the kitchen sink; and use a jug or plastic bottle to carefully top up the water in the bowl as required.   Direct the water slowly toward the centre of the arrangement and between the flowers.   Take care not to overfill.

Are you delivering on Mothers day Sunday 8th May?

Yes we are delivering Mothers Day orders on Saturday 12th and also Sunday 13th May; you can choose what you prefer in checkout.

Are you delivering flowers and gifts on Sunday 24th?

Generally we like to have Sunday off.  But we may be able to help you so it would be best to phone us and check

I have ordered somthing but the web site wont take me to check out

There is a minimum order value of $20.00;  If the total of the products you have order is below $20.00 you will not be able to process your order.

I did not recieve a confirmation of my order

If you have ordered successfully and your credit card payment has been accepted; you will always first receive an on screen confirmation immediately the payment has been accepted.

You will also receive a confirmation email to the email address you put in the check out form.   If you do not see an email confirmation, then one of three things could have happened.

1)  your email has gone to your spam email folder; so you can check for it there.

2)  you made a typing mistake when putting your email in the checkout form and so the email has gone to that incorrect address.

3)  your order has not been made successfully ; in which case you need to go back and finish the check out process, making sure everything is correct.